For over 40 years, we’ve been in transport. From humble hard working beginnings and 1 truck, to a company providing innovative transport solutions. 

Our GFE Safe program is keeping our drivers safe, the public safe, and your products safe.
With comprehensive induction training and on the job practical training and assessment mean you can rest assure our team is up to the task at hand.
Our safe program deals with general staff well being and all operational activities. Our aim is to cover all risks that a team member may encounter in our depot, on the road, at suppliers warehouses and your clients premises.
We self audit every location our staff members visit, assess the premises for risks, make operational changes to deal with the risks and notify you every step of the way via our risk alert system.

Seasonality Planning

Great transport Service pivots on effective planning and resource scheduling, so when an unexpected demand occurs, such as an additional load at short notice, it can be difficult to facilitate the request because of driver work hours and equipment availability.

At Gfex, we understand businesses have seasonal fluctuations and different demands throughout the year. We carefully examine your load data to ensure adequate equipment and resources are available when they’re needed.

By capacity planning and forecasting with our customers, we create a transport management plan suited to the seasonal demands generated by your business.

Data on your Deliveries

Transparency is key to a strong, long standing supplier/carrier/customer relationship. We want you to have eyes on your deliveries, knowing arrival times, waiting times and depart times. We’ll geofence every one of your customers premises and give weekly reports, customising them to suit your KPI reporting.

Whether you need adherence to delivery windows or Realtime notifications of bottlenecks and hold ups, we have the software and knowhow to achieve operational excellence.

Weather you operate from manual manifests and consignments or have electronic POD requirements, we can integrate and manage both.

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